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Embrace the Noodle
(What IS noodling?)

A new Knabe, a new album.
GRAND noodler is the second online album and was recorded on the Knabe baby grand, but in "stereo mix" instead of true stereo.

Liner notes are below.

tracks    (complete recordings)
Slop Grand Piano I Note: Slop Piano is not a “noodle,” but more of a bit of fun as a warmup. For the best example of a “noodle,” try track 3.
Tentatively titled Slop Grand Piano 1 (see previous Slop Piano tracks in the noodler album), this particular Slop is relentlessly... happy. Must be the new keyboard. "Slop Piano" is just pure enjoyment of playing, and the more cracks hit, the better. It's all about fun. (September 9, 2007)

Slop Grand Piano I paired with videos of kittens. Because... KITTENS.
Starring Winnie and Peanut
See the Sisters photo gallery at Smugmug.
September 1, Part I Knabe, Day Two ... Levels are much better on the recording, although it's still the same piano player. Real stream-of-consciousness. More "Let's see what this baby can do." Still, some tasty bits in there.
(September 1, 2007)

September 1, Part II Two distinct movements. The first explores a simple theme that sounds like it would be at home in Eastern Europe. The last eight minutes is a heavily classical-inspired improv, far more indicative of where I'm going with all of this. A strong classical foundation, peppered with modern sounds and rhythms. The last minute and a half is a blast. May be my best work to date, can't stop listening to it. (September 1, 2007)

latenite Here's a sample track, recorded late on the night the Knabe arrived, when others in the house were sleeping. I don't think that this "style" is typical of my playing, but I do enjoy it. "latenite" is, by necessity, very New Agey. And it shows that I need to once again rework my recording levels and mic placement. Very quiet, very pretty, and all done by layering an A Major chord atop a G Major base.
(August 30, 2007)

exercise rythmique en forme de slop
I like the percussive quality of the instrument, and this is the sort of rhythmic exercise that I frequently enjoy. “Hammer time.” While originally included on GRAND noodler, Hammers is now available only as part of Streaming. (October 2, 2007)

October 2, 2007 October 2, 2007: I consider this track to be my best work, to date. Full of lush, classical-sounding themes and motifs, really more of what I want out of these improvisations. (October 2, 2007)

October 3, 2007 Another in the same vein, yet so different. (October 3, 2007)

Dribble Übersweet tinklings, very easy to listen to. Titled "dribble," in my own sense of humor, but a lovely piece. (October 5, 2007)

toad cuts

bipolar mutation
A depressive manic. The prototypical noodle spends time developing moods and themes over a long span, morphing into a slop-like muse. (September 22, 2007)


Mindless, seemingly random picking away at the keys. Akin to doodling for artists, noodling wanders around the keys looking for a hook.

To be clear: when I sit down to play, there is no sheet music, no preconceived lines; what comes out comes out. While purely improvisational in nature, the music is shaped to resemble a “finished” work. You'll understand, I hope, when I get lost in the music and find myself restarting.

If the music, at first, sounds like classical piano, that's my training. As a Gemini myself, I enjoy the duality of the piano and forte, classical and rock/jazz rhythms, slow and fast. And as a classically trained musician, I marvelled at those who can take a note or two and fill an entire evening and aspired to get there.

The original album, noodler, is here. All tracks recorded in 2007 on a Baldwin studio upright, marking my return to the piano.
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