Music for the Sentient

Ten selected tracks recorded in realtime in 2007 and 2008

Piano students are presented with a piece of paper with dots on it – they learn to associate those dots with the fingers on both hands, in order to make music.

Composers create music in their heads and scribble dots on paper, hoping to create music which other musicians will one day study and perform.

Streaming is the simultaneous creation and performance of a finished work.

Streaming is available at iTunes, Amazon, and most other online music retailers.

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sample tracks  (not complete recordings)
May 12, Part II The album begins quietly, reflectively, with a meditative exploration. (Running Time 4:05)
May 12, Part III (Running Time 4:27)
I got nothin' Born out of sheer nothingness. After a minute of "finding its way," this track evolves nicely into a melodic surprise, with hints of Debussy cropping up midway. (Running Time 5:51)
Never as bad... A "perfect little gem" that moves from despair to hope, with intriguing bits of disharmony and resolution along the way. (Running Time 4:42)
Never as bad... is matched up with some of my favorite photos in a short YouTube video.
exercise rythmique en forme de slop
Slop Piano was discussed in the first two albums, noodler and GRAND noodler, as piano playing for the sheer joy of playing. Based upon heavy rhythmic elements, Slop Piano is far more basic than the usual improvs found here. hammers has the added benefit of being just plain fun and takes its name from the repetitive hard strike of hammer on string. (Running Time 5:00)
(available in Album only)
The title track is the best example of "streaming," its genesis in a simple statement of eight notes, its journey built upon a theme-and-variations style building in complexity into a glorious concert work. (Running Time 10:50)
Monday Morning Indeed, recorded on a Monday morning, this captures perfectly the feeling of resignation, with a hint of resentment. An anthem for Everyman who faces another in an endless series of Monday mornings. (Running Time 5:31)
Dribble redux
(available in Album only)
The Joy of Dribble. Lush, flowing chords and arpeggi throughout, a love song or a quiet celebration. Dribble (redux) hearkens back to the original dribble from the first album, noodler, but is more expansive and ...well... beautiful. (Running Time 10:10)
Melancholia with a Twist A wistful opening develops through long, lingering notes, only to give way to a new sudden Slop - a fun, driving, fastpaced race to the end. (Running Time 6:37)
The 4th Noodle
(available in Album only)
Pianists can't dance. That's why they play piano. But pianos can dance! The 4th Noodle contains several dance elements throughout. A massive stream of 14 minutes, and a fitting end to the album. (Running Time 14:00)

Never as bad... is paired with several of my own photographs.

Free Samples

one of those slow developing meditations, beautiful and calming/relaxing, with enough of an edge to keep your interest. For those who love the sound of one piano clapping.

Waltz in No Time
Somebody once told me that it needs a melody. I thought, "Melody?"

My version of “driving music,” a pianistic representation of toolin' about the roadways.
(Owners of older cars will get it.)

Streaming is on YouTube

See my playlist for the complete album on YouTube. Individual tracks:

May 12, Part II

May 12, Part III

I Got Nothin'

Never As Bad...

Hammers (exercice rhythmique en Slop)


Monday Morning

Melancholia (with a twist)

Dribble (redux)

The 4th Noodle

About dwight

I was born into a musical family - both parents were professional classical musicians. Having begun piano lessons at age 4, I won the annual Philadelphia Orchestra Young Artist competition twice, at ages 9 and 12. The prize was the opportunity to perform a concerto movement with the orchestra, the Haydn Concerto in D and the Kabalevsky Concerto No. 3, respectively.

After a promising start, I left classical music and turned to the popular music of the day in my late teens, creating my own solo arrangements. But my real fascination lay with improvisation. Not the typical jazz improvisation, but creating whole cloth from scratch.

For years after, I played nothing but dwight, sitting at the piano and playing pure free improvisation. Eventually, life slowed my piano playing to a trickle and then a 12 year absence from the piano entirely.

In March 2007, my interest in the piano was reborn, and this time I began recording these one-time creations. Because of the nature of free improvisation, all pieces are unique and cannot be re-created.

The first result in mono was my first online album noodler. In August 2007, my wife presented me with a Knabe baby grand, and the Baldwin studio upright became history. The second online album, GRAND noodler, was a creative outburst brought about by having a "real" piano.

Now recording in true stereo, I have compiled my third online album, Streaming, a selection of ten representative tracks that show the range of styles and musicality.

The title reflects my approach to playing - a direct link between creation of the music and performance through the fingers. Creation and simultaneous performance, true of all improvisation, but here aimed at the creation of a "finished work," a unique performance of a composition that is complete, that stands alone and on its own merits.

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