CFrog - 1993 Mustang GT Convertible

1993 Ford Mustang GT Convertible
In all my years of driving, with all of the cars I've had,
I'd never had a convertible nor even really considered owning one.

CFrog parked in front of Paradise. Click the image for the full picture.

The Sound of CFrog: Dynomax SuperTurbo exhuast on a 5.0 GT (cfrog.mp3, 749KB)

The Road to CFrog (a little background)
1988 Mustang convertible

The Princessmobile

When my daughter came of age, I decided to find a Mustang convertible that she could learn to drive. I've always liked the looks of the LX ragtop, and I wanted a 4-cylinder with manual transmission, so she could properly learn to drive.

Now, Ford built this model of Mustang from 1979 through 1993 - that's 15 model years (an eternity, compared to most models) and over 1,000,000 of these cars built. Some would claim (usually those who own these cars) that the Fox Mustangs would become collectibles, that they'd be considered the '57 Chevy of their day. But, c'mon... 1,000,000! Odds are not in "collectible's" favor.

But try to find a good, well-maintained LX convertible in the Northeast. Go ahead, try. I went out on this fool's errand for weeks on end, looking at one sad, neglected pony after another. I was beginning to believe that I'd have to settle for one with automatic (which outnumber sticks 4 to 1), but that would have negated the primary purpose - to teach Princess to drive stick. I haunted the classifieds in both paper and online, scoured tertiary used car lots (the ones on the outskirts of town), came very close to buying one, but that deal fell through. When I'd all but given up, I was about to buy a Pontiac Sunbird convertible (of all things) from a local dealership, when I thought I'd try the Sunday paper one last time.

A 1988 Mustang LX convertible, Regatta Blue with optional wire wheel covers. Don't hold me to it, but I believe the car was originally equipped with a darker blue top - we replaced it with bright white, right off the bat. The car was in great shape, still with the original owner, and I swooped it up on the spot.

The first day, Princess asked me to drive by the high school, and one of her friends came over to check out the car. When she screamed, "I HATE YOU," I knew that I'd done good.

In the end, though, the car was in two fender-benders and the white top was slashed (and replaced with tan). The Princessmobile eventually became my "spare" and Princess drove off in a '99 Escort with automatic (a point-and-shoot car). While the '88 LX was a nice little convertible, it was hardly for me. A 4-cylinder engine that can barely get out of its own way.... I sold it off for a quick $1,000.

1993 Mustang GT convertible

Try to find a nice 5.0 convertible in the Northeast. Go ahead, try. DAMN, I looked at a lot of Mustangs! My parameter was 1988 through '93, LX or GT, but a 5.0 absolutely. I saw a lot of dogs out there, a couple of very nice ones with high asking prices (always liked those 7-UP Mustangs), and then finally this one. A 1993 GT 5.0 in Reef Blue, beautifully kept. Automatic, but I can live with that - I've got the manual transmission in TFrog when I want to row through the gears.

1993 Mustang GT convertible interior
Even the ash tray lid still works. As of November 2006, CFrog had just passed 106,600 miles and had lost overdrive. If I kept it, it'd need transmission work (gee, wonder where I'll take it) and a new top.

1993 Mustang GT convertible

CFrog, detailed and shiny, out back of our old house, days after I bought it...

Mustang GT convertible
"Convertible" means that it converts. Put your mouse over the above image.

December 2006...

The black top is really looking ragged. It is cracked and peeling in a few places,
especially above the driver door.

I had planned to have the top replaced in the Spring, but the top has forced the issue.

The last time I washed CFrog, the rear window seperated from the top, leaving a huge gap. I made an appointment, and CFrog is pictured here outside of the shop.

It's difficult, looking at tiny little swatches, to know that I've made the right choice. But I'm going with a cloth top in a grey, that I hope matches the titanium ground effects.

CFrog is a sweet looking convertible, and I look forward to seeing it with an all-new top for the first time. The black was already somewhat worn when I bought the car...

And now, 36 hours later, the unveiling:

Mustang GT convertible
There it sits, outside the shop. I think we nailed it.
The titanium ground effects are actually a uniform grey, but with shadows and reflections, it appears to be an infinite number of greys.
So, trying to match a 2" swatch to any particular grey in the lower body is pretty much a "ballpark" affair. It would be hard to mess it up...
Looking at CFrog with a black top for two years makes this VERY strange. But I really like this new version. It's a classic look, and makes CFrog a brand new car.
And now, thanks where due - Futureline Auto Top & Upholstery, Exton, PA
The installation and fit is flawless. They kept the original headliner, which was still in great shape, and the top is snug and seamless. Since it's cloth, I'm told that it will not peel or crack, and that cold-weather shrinkage is a thing of the past.
1993 Mustang GT Convertible

Thanks, again and also, to Chester County Transmissions, where CFrog underwent
a complete AOD overhaul, along with installation of a shift kit.

CFrog passed away on November 10, 2012.
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